Tips and Tricks for a clean refrigerator

By | December 16, 2017

Our friends at PG Used Appliances helped us with this information. Keeping a clean refrigerator is very important not only for aesthetic reasons but a messy fridge can be a paradise for germs and bacteria that can cause serious digestive problems. Making sure that your food is contained in a clean environment and the right temperature is crucial if you want to enjoy every meal. A clean fridge will impact your everyday meals, and will improve your lifestyle.

clean refrigeratorStart your refrigerator cleaning by throwing away the expired food and the old vegetables. We all have those old, forgotten items stored in the fridge. Nobody remembers buying them, and they are so old that you might want to use gloves when you are throwing them away. The first step in having a clean fridge is to dispose of those ancient products and make room for new, tasty edibles.

The next step in cleaning your fridge is washing it. We recommend avoid using soap or detergent since their smell might get absorbed by the food, but you can make your own fridge-cleaning potion with white vinegar. Mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of water and you’ll obtain one of the most effective kitchen cleaning products. The white vinegar has amazing disinfectant properties and it also removes any unpleasant smells. Another great home-made mix is made of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and hot water. For the tough stains that do not disappear when cleaning with the home-made products we recommend using toothpaste, it is effective and it has a pleasant, refreshing smell.

You should make sure that you wipe up the spills in your fridge before they get to dry. A spill of milk is one of the most horrific things that you can see in a fridge. After they have dried the spills become sticky, smelly and harder to remove. Avoid the spills by cleaning everything that goes into the fridge. Make sure to wipe off any jars, bottles and containers that you plan to store in your refrigerator.

Another important task that you should do every few days is to check for spoilage. It is a proven fact that one bad apple ruins the whole bag, so make sure that you throw away any vegetables and fruits that have rotten. Check the terms of expiration of the items in your fridge and make sure that you put the ones that will expire in less than a month in the front, so you can see them and consume them before they get spoiled.

Deposit the left overs in sealed containers that can be easily seen. Never should you deposit your food on a plate and directly into the fridge. This way you avoid strong, unpleasant odors and keep a very organized refrigerator. You can buy special containers from any supermarket. Not storing the food in special sealed containers is one of the most common mistake people do when it comes to keeping the fridge clean. Use baskets for storing the fruits, vegetables and other foods.